Friday, October 17, 2014

Count the blessings

Sorry if this letter is short....we had changes this week, and we don't have a lot of time-o  But I want to let you guys know I love you and that I wrote you first!....haha:)
This week was full...Full of work... Full of learning... Full of Sickness...Full of Meditating... FULL OF BLESSINGS.
yeahhhhhhhhhh....  We were super busy this week to tell you the truth.  We have had Family Home Evenings almost every day (everyone gets excited about those....the Elder's are SO creative...;)) Also, we had council this last week and that was great.  With baptismal interviews and everything else, we have been a little busy.  But it is AWESOME.  That is how the work is!  And the problem is the weeks pass by SUPER FAST.
Second...full of Learning. 
The Lord has seemed to teach me, that I have never learned TOO much.  That it isn't possible.  That even after I have dissected a scripture, went super deep, and understood it on like 70 different levels, there is still something I might be missing.  And to tell you the truth, it is super crazy.....I think I will be sharing more of that next week...because it is hard to explain.
Third...full of Sickness. 
I don't really like sharing this part, but I did want to let you guys know that I have been sick. Yeah...poor kid, I know, but it has been a little rough.  We still went working but, in the end, my body couldn't run farther that was meant to, and I went down swinging. hahahahaha! I think the thing is, it was still spiritual for me.  To be sick, in bed, throwing up at any thought of thoughts were guided to many things.  To view and to meditate...and it was a major blessing.  The Lord allowed me to take a step back, to say, "Ok whoa, where am I REALLY in my life.  What do I want to do, and how am I going to do it,  so that I can become the best servant of the Lord I can in the time that he has left for me here in Mexico."  It was time to do the self-evaluation, and it was a major blessing. I was really sick and wouldn't mention it if I wasn't, but that is what happened...and that is how life goes. Woo hoo!
Full of Meditating...
(see last paragraph)
Full of Blessings....
This week--AMAZING.
J... is progressing super great.  He is the bomb, and seriously, he always puts a smile on my face when we see him for lessons in the church.  Whether it has been a bad day, or a good day, a day of rejection, or a day of major success, the Lord always gives us people like J... to lift us missionaries up.  He is super excited and happy to see all that is going on.  He loves learning.  I think the thing that makes him STAY so solid is that he reads.  HE ALWAYS READS, and it strengthens him in his temptations, and anything else he passes through.  Althought he does have his temptations and all, he is going hard like a champ. 
Now....J..., isn't the only person progressing, or who reads, or anything, to tell you the truth, but I wanted to tell you about him because he helps me.  His example of early conversion helps me in my times of conversion also. We are excited to see him in white.:)  One day, with his Father in Heaven when we can all be together!
Also, we have had a major miracles these last days with new investigtators.  The members have been getting excited about the missionary work, and that helps us!  One of our recent converts, A.., has been really excited to share the gospel and she looks for every ALWAYS looks.  One day, she  passed a street vender who was talking with a man about God and religion and everything.  She had the chance to listen and join in.  She shared her little bit (she had been practicing, because she was nervous) and she said she felt good.  But better yet, the man asked her to share more, so she took his address and gave it to us.  We visited him and his name is O.... He told us he wanted to know the truth and of course, we were more than happy to share it with him.  He said he was ready to do whatever was needed, but to tell you the truth, I was lacking a little faith.  Two days later, we passed by and O... had read the pamphlet we had given him.  He had started to read the Book of Mormon and he had started to pray.  In all the problems he has and things he is going through, he told us that was the only place he had felt peace, in the scriptures. It was important and a blessing for us, to be able to teach another one of my brothers the things he knew BEFORE:) tell you the truth....those are just little things.  I don't know how to explain to you guys everything that goes on here.  We do a lot of things.  The work of the Lord is the work of my life so it is hard to describe in a letter, but the experiences  that I share usually describe the whole week in a nutshell.  With all the rejection or the problems, crazy stories or temptations,  experiences or trials, or no matter how many times we get turned down, the thing I realize is it always leaves positive. The Lord makes sure of that:)  That we have hope and have the happiness in seeing His miracles.
I love this work and everything I can do for this work. This is the work of the Lord. I know it.  I testify of it.  And I am so happy I can participate in it!!!!
Hope you guys have a great week. Love you tons.
Elder Goodman
Found this gem on fb from one of Elder Goodman's friends in Mexico!! Thanks!!

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