Thursday, October 2, 2014

Questions from mom, FINALLY answered :)

Goal of the day, make a whole letter based off of the questions mom gave me this week....lets see how it goes:)
1.  How is the work?
Super, super bomb...there is no better word for it!  We are working super hard, us, our zone, and our missionaries.  When the Lord said "thrusteth in his sickle with his might" he wanted ALL our might, and that is what we are doing right now.  It is a blessing we are seeing! Maybe, we are never the best tell you the truth...I believe we have the best missionaries here ;) ...and they are working hard, and doing super well, we are excited to see the fruits of our labors in these coming weeks:)  The work is progressing well, and little by little, everything starts to click and work well.  It is the best:)
2. How are YOU?
I am personally doing great.  I love it out here...if you can't tell...and life is seriously wonderful.  I love LEARNING.  I love figuring out the plans the Lord has, and having just a little bit better of an idea of what the Lord wants, day by day, experience by experience, prayer by prayers, and study by study.  It is hard to understand, and maybe I won't ever be perfect at it, but I do know that the Lord and His plan for each of us is PERFECT.  I know this without a doubt, and that He works in ways much higher than our ways.  I love it, and I am happy to work in HIS work.  To be the person He wants me to be, at all times, in all things, and in all places.  It is something I have loved from before I was a missionary,   but I love it even more here:)  Life is great.  Work is great.  The great.:)  What more can you ask?
3. Are you feeling good? (you NEVER answer that question.)
Mom.... I am feeling great.  I love life and my health is ok...for right now:)  No worries! I know....I have recently completed the record of 1 year without going to the emergency room or urgent care, and I plan on going at least another year more. How cool is that?  Everything is good here:)   I have to actually start excercising harder to tell you the truth, because winter is coming on...and I am not sweating off everything I eat....I actually have to work....sad, no? hahahahahaha:)
4. How is your companion?
He is doing great.  He is a seriously a patient person, to put up with me for so long and really, we are working hard with the whole zone in everything we can.  It is something we have learned here.  The success of others, the completion of goals, and the excitement of our investigators, or less-actives, or even our missionaries, is much more important than our own happiness.  We feel better when they have success in the Lord's work than I ever thought we could.  He is working hard, and the Lord has helped us... and again, me, with my own weaknesses.  I KNOW that He is there with us, every step of the way.

ok....that is about all....all the questions you asked....Also this week, we have been focusing on how to work more EFFECTIVELY.  You bet all those lessons of managing your time, and planning that you guys have taught me came into play.  We have many investigators progressing wonderfully and the Lord is building His kingdom.  And really, He is kind enough to let us be part of it:)
Maybe there were no names, or specific experiences mentioned this week....sorry...but I wanted to see what would happen if I just answered the questions.  I love you all so much.... really.... a ton.
Love you with all my heart:)
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman!!
Mission President interviews....Love this smile!!

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