Friday, November 7, 2014

Short but sweet!

Ok mom... so sorry... This is a horrible week/day for time.  This is what happened.
I can't send pics, but next week we are going to go to a different place so we can send pics.  I promise.
This week was amazing.  I have NO TIME to write.  We got stuck hard core in traffic and I can't write almost anything.  Really, forgive me, and I promise I will respond to everything next week :) 

1. J... got baptized!  It was amazing.  He is super intense and bore his testimony yesterday and everyone could feeling the spirit.  It was great to see the members strengthened by his love for the gospel.
2. O... was stoked to get baptized after seeing the baptism of J...
3. J... is super excited about the gospel and invited 8 people to his baptism, all very happy and excited about the church.  HE HAS A FIRE!!  And it is amazing.  He understands really how the Gospel and the Atonement change lives, and he wants others to feel the same hope.
This week, I had to learn to do the Lord's will, not mine.  One of the hardest lessons to learn for me because I am sure, every day, that I will give 110%.  But the question is if I will give 110% doing my work, or the Lord's work.  I know it is cheesy, but I am serious!  And it is something I have had to learn.  The Lord's work, is very different from my work.  And sometimes I don't understand it completely, but the Lord doesn't ask me to understand.  He asks me to just do... with faith.  I love this Gospel.  I have loved seeing the atonement work in MY life and then be able to teach it to others, who have then taught it to even more.  The LORD LOVES US SO MUCH, and I am so grateful to know that.  I love teaching it to others. I love life!
Be happy. Be mormon.:)
Elder Goodman!
SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY it is so short... promise to make up for it!

These hands...sure have been busy the last 15months!  I love this picture because it reminds me of the work that is so important...hands of service, hands for hope and hands of love.  These hands have been doing a great work!

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