Monday, August 18, 2014

Blessing of the Plan...

This week was wonderful...again.  We had a wonderful time teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, calling people to repentance, and giving all of our heart, might, mind and strength to help the Lord in his work:)
First things first, some of our investigators have been passing through some troubled times. This week has been crazy teaching the same things, but in different ways that apply so well to every person.  For example...the Plan of Salvation.  The plan God has for us as His children.  Started with T.... She is one of our investigators with her husband, R....  But recently, R... passed away.  It was hard for us to see because he really had the desire to get baptized and it was something, of course, that you don't want others to pass through.  But when we went to her after the funeral and she said she wasn't in the mood to talk about the Gospel.  So we said a prayer.  A prayer just to help.  That prayer touched her heart and she invited us to teach more, especially of what we think about "after this life."  We loved the opportunity we had to explain to her the importance of part of God's plan for His children. 
Then, with J... and J.... who are recent converts and who want to go to the temple.  Teaching them again all the blessings they can have as a family, and that families can be together for eternity, they got so excited!  They have 2 children, and they are so excited to be able to be together forever. 
Next we taught the young men and women in class on Sunday. Teenagers, who didn't understand how important they are and how big of a blessing the Gospel is to each of us. 
And then, finally, me as a missionary, preaching the same thing to different people and having to learn by the Spirit myself.
All of the four cases ended the lesson happy. hahhahahaha!  All are working and growing in the Gospel.  And all were blessed by the message.  I love the Gospel for that reason!!!!
The Gospel is applicable to any person, at any time in their life, and that is why I love teaching it. 
This week, we were able to have the baptism of E..., a wonderful friend of mine who also has a testimony of who he is, part of something bigger.  He is only 11, but he knows he is a child of God, and for that he asked his mom to go to church.  He helped her realize her potential, and be able to be active in the church as well as understanding the gospel himself.  The Lord has His instruments!  He knows when and how to use them!!!  I love that!  I saw it many times this week, as many of the people we saw, taught ME a little bit more about the divine blessing of the Gospel in our lives.   That is why I wanted to share it:)
I love you soooooo very much.  Here in Mexico, everything is so wonderful.  I love being able to share a message that has blessed every single day of my life!!!!
You are all amazing, and thank you for YOUR examples:)
Especially you Mom.
Love you tons!!!
Elder Goodman:)

 Eating out after a baptism...

We saw this wonderful wheelchair in the back of a man's car. HELP FROM THE CHURCH ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

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