Monday, August 11, 2014

Live like you believe!!

As suggested by many in and out of the mission, I have decided to use only the first initial of the names of individuals Elder Goodman mentions in his letters to protect their privacy...Thanks!

HEY! I LOVE YOU... WITH ALL MY HEART.  If you didn't know that:)
First, Mom and Dad, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! I am so grateful to be part of the family you have raised and love:) Thanks for everything!!!!!

This week was great.  What week isn't great right?!  I love it here!  haha!
This week, we were so excited to see the baptism of Cesar, a wonderful son of God with a lot of potential ahead of him:)
Just a little bit more about C..., he really was an investigator who was ready for the gospel.  One of those that understands, teaching, seeking and  converting himself.  I am almost sure that we had nothing to do with it.  That is wonderful.  The conversion process was between him and the Lord!
Well, C...was a refrence from a less active member we were trying to get back to church.  C... had some problems with things in life (like all of us to at some point), and one day he had an accident that served as a wake-up call of sorts.  That day, he wanted to find where he needed to be.  His friend invited him to church.  He went.  Then he went again, and again, and again.  As we taught him, he got more and more excited about the Gospel...  a way to be clean. A way he could be closer to his Heavenly Father.  It was wonderful to see.  He changed his life-- 180 degrees.  We were and are so excited for him and the future ahead:)
 Also inn one of the pics, is a member named A.... He was able to baptize C... and we were soooooo excited for him!!!  A... is one of our recent converts also, and it was his first baptism.  It was a spiritual high for us as missionaries because we saw both A... and C... grow.  A... was super nervous all week, and is also trying to overcome some problems right now.  But after awhile, he practiced for the baptism and did perfect!!!:)  After the baptism, when he was waiting for C..., he was smiling ear to ear and was so happy!  We saw a change in him too!  And now, A... is even more excited to go on a mission:)  It was great to see him "catch the wave" on missionary work!!!
D... and G..., you have heard a little about them, are also struggling right now!  The more they investigate the church, the more trials they face.  They know it is true, but they are working on getting married and fighting those temptations to stop trying, to not go to church, to go back to the life they had.  It has been something special to see in everyone though, is that they never want to go back to the life they had before the gospel.  Our message is a message of JOY, of happiness, of eternal substance.  That is what we want!  Every person we find usually loves that part:)  We hope to help them fight in that part, and we know the Lord will provide a way for them to get married!!!!
Also, just wanted to say sorry to family and friends, if at one time in my letters I get/got preachy or weird!  I don't mean to, and I hope I never bother anyone with my letters or make them feel uncomfortable.  But I do love this work. I do love it out here!  The thing I have seen, is no matter who you are, if you want to teach a message well, you have to live it, and have a testimony of it!  And my personal testimony grows every day.  Every week without fail.  I love that part!  I LOVE THE MESSAGE OF THE RESTORED GOSPEL!!!!
Really, that is all.
I will send pics.
Let liz know I love her, and miss her:)
Ash, good luck... fresh meat!
Faye, protect your sister and enjoy this year!!!!
Love you all! And I always will!!!
I hope you have a wonderful week!!!!
Elder Goodman!!!:)
 I found Lizzie on a Coke bottle!!

 The Subway of Mexico!! haha


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