Friday, August 1, 2014

Have the courage to ask.....

I thought I would include a little Q&A from Lincoln...since he is not very good at just answering questions, all at one time....he is a goof!!  Love this kid!

Hey! Family! I love you!
Mom...for not answering your questions the last few times, I have copied and pasted all your questions I could find and I will try to answer them well.
So, how was your week?(mom)  Super great! We are working hard and everything is soooooo good! Thanks for asking!  Where are you living?(mom)... in a house mom....not sure what kind of answer you would like to that a house... in the state Colima... in Mexico. hahahahaa! On a street....idk?  What is it like?(mom)  It is chill. We are in like "downtown" and it is rainy season here so there is always rain at night, and CRAZY THUNDERSTORMS.  YOU would love it:)   What do you eat?(mom) ... food......other question I'm not sure how you wanted me to answer....tortillas? Cereal? Chicken? Pancakes? Eggs? Milk? Carne asada? Sushi?  Whatever the members give me...haha:)
 My challenge to you, maybe just answer one of my questions....maybe??(mom) ... yes, I will answer all of them.  
 So maybe this week you could actually answer some of the questions I have asked you the last few weeks??(mom)... YES.  How is your companion?  He is chill.  That is the best word I can come up with! Poor kid has to put up with me every day.  WHO is your companion?(mom)  His name is Elder Tejada.  He is from Peru, and he is 26.   Do the members feed you?(mom)  Yes! They are great, and always try to help in that way!  What do you do on p-day?(mom)... clean, wash my clothes....write you food....the yooshe.  How was your week?(mom) FANTASTIC.

This week was super perfect and bomb.  I loved every minute.
We will start with R....  R... is an investigator we have.  We found R... through a less active member we were activating about a month ago! R... is her grandchild, and she is wonderful.  R... decided she wanted a second chance at life, and she had been asking.  She knew she had done some things in her life and, like every single one of us, she wanted to be clean.  So she asked the Lord for help.  At the same time, we (missionaries) asked to find somebody who needed the gospel, and we found her.  R... loved everything and really taught herself.  She was so happy and excited to be baptized, and she finally felt clean.  It was a joy to see:)  R..., I think was SO prepared, so strong in the things she knew, no challenge stopped her.  Even though she was worried, and Satan made her feel like really, there was no way to forget the past, the Spirit testified to her of our Heavenly Father's love for her.  She has a testimony of the Atonement!  It was great to see her growth.  Sorry I never explained about her...but she is great:)  A wonderful sister of mine.  She is going to go to the temple in 2 weeks!  We are soooooo excited for her!!!!
Also, C..., another investgator, is a powerhouse.  He is always working, he has like 3 different buisnesses....and when he isn't working..he is sleeping...haha!  But he always finds time to read the Book of Mormon and pray.  It has been great to see.  As we explained to him this point, that the scriptures were the way to recieve answers (he didn't read the first time...and we were really sad and I think he realized it....) He put reading the scriptures to the test.  He said, "If I had a message on my phone that I didn't look at for 3 days, a lot of problems could happen....I have to read that message from God, everyday!" hahahaha! I love it!! We love him, and he is so excited to be able to grow in the Gospel:)
D... and G..., are the other two we are working with.  They are looking for happiness, in a world where there seems to be nothing.  But we happened to find them, and they are so excited.  They also have been asking questions, and I think that is the best thing.  To help be an answer to someone's prayers.  It is a special priveledge the Lord has given to each of us. And I felt it this week. These 3 were all so excited,  it was a situation of "knock, and it shall be opened unto you." 
Each and everyone had simply ask.  We have asked, as missionaries... people ask, and we receive:)  I have seen it, and I am stoked to be a part of that promise from God! 
All of that, connected to our last investigator, Ro...  She accepted us because we are "good clean cut young men" as we would say in the States.  But, she said, "I never ever want to get baptized in your church, or in any other church."  Well, the principle, to ask, was important in changing her heart.  We started to teach. And as we taught about Joseph Smith, she was touched in a way... no young man (clean cut or not), or his words, can touch a person!  It was the Holy Ghost.  We saw the difference in her character, and we asked her again, if she would be baptized when the Lord said she should be baptized.  She of course, said yes.  But more important we said, "then ask."  The whole Gospel is central to that!  It is a great part! Personal answers from my personal Father in Heaven! And that is what I get to teach.  Don't believe me, don't worry about what anyone else says.  Ask the person who knows everything. Who loves you and who you can trust in, God.  I love that part.   I know the Lord loves us!  In a way I try, but will never comprehend that love.  Ask, that is the key:)  I love this gospel! And I love each one of you! :)
Elder Goodman!!!
 And Elder brother in FUTBOL! 


Our district....the sisters bite :)

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