Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hump day email....we are halfway!!

Mom! and Family.
This week.,, full of progress and the gospel of Jesus Christ:)
We started with Zone Confrence, which was wonderful.  Let me tell you, the field really is all white and ready to harvest.  With so many missionaries and so much conviction/testimony that those wonderful Elders and Sisters have to share, the Spirit was beautiful.  There is no way after feeling the power of the Spirit in that setting that you can say the Church isn't true. The Spirit manifests the truth of all things, to anybody that asks, and as missionaries, we each have a testimony of that.  And the best part was after the zone conference!!!  To see all the Elders and Sisters so excited to keep going, to try some new things, and go out to work again!!!  We are having a wonderful time, and it is a time I will never forget:)
I love it, but more, I know our Father in Heaven loves it!:)
When we got back from zone conference, we have been looking to find many people this week, and we were able to find another wonderful child of God.  Her name is N... She was a reference from C.., and she is seriously awesome!!!!  She said she would get baptized if God told her too....good thing that is our message:)  Seriously, she has been looking for something, about who she is, and is now super excited with the message we share about Jesus Christ.  But even better, WE FOUND LOST SHEEP (those people who have stopped coming to church for one reason or another).  One being Z... mom, who was a member before, but went inactive and isn't currently on any of the lists!!!  The other is her sister, who just wants to listen to us too, and hear our message :)  The Mom flipped when we 'found' her.  She said it was a sign from the Lord and is going to be going to church these next weeks:)  We hope to see her there!  I love being the Lord's servant!!!!
Also,  a great day, R... recieved the Aaronic Preisthood yesterday, and it was great!  Really, he is a great man!  We are so excited for him!  His son, E... and also the rest of the family, has said they see such a great change in R....  That he is more loving, more patient, and reads the scriptures with his family.  Really, a testimony that the Gospel changes lives.  R... has been and continues to change by the Spirit, and it has seriously been a wonderful experience, one of the best moments of the week:)
And last, it has been crazy to think I have finally completed a year.  I have seen sooooo many changes, and it is crazy!!!!  I love it soo much:)   I love being able to teach!  I was freaking out a little! I want to be here for more 3 more years..haha!  But we will see what happens...:)  I just want you to know that I love and miss you, but more importantly, I would never give up the things I have seen or done here, not for anything.  I know I am not a perfect servant of the Lord, or even close, but He makes up for it and I have such a strong testimony of that.  The Lord, really has been, and will continue to be my light!  And that is all that matters:)  I hope you guys are doing wonderful, and that school, sports, and everything else is going well:)  
Remember that I love you all sooooooo much:) 
Love,Elder Goodman!!!!

 Companionship award :)

His Zone...He is in the middle :D

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