Wednesday, April 15, 2015

He Changed Everything

Sorry, there isn't much time...we played soccer...and it went a little overtime.  I am sorry:( But... you gotta get ready for this.....
THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING!  Seriously, we were in mission heaven.  It was wonderful. 
Let me explain why.
1. We got to share 'Because He Lives' every day!  Here, they celebrate Easter but it isn't Easter, it is the holy week, and they celebrate the WHOLE week!  As they did it, it was a wonderful time to share experiences about Jesus Christ, His sacrifice and ressurection.  It is something MANY BELIEVE in, but don't UNDERSTAND.  It was wonderful to share it with them:)  First, was E..., a contact.  We were talking with a group of like 6 people and we explained to them what was going on,  the joy our message brings.  Well, E... seemed a little more interested than just "sure, pass by another day" we showed him the video, right there and then!  As we did, his face changed.  He started to see a difference, paying attention to what was happening in the video.  When it ended, he whispered...."it's true."  The spirit bore powerful testimony of WHO IS CHRIST.  The feelings changed to reverence and respect.  It was wonderful for him and of course, he wanted to learn more after:)
After, we were with the family of S..., she has 2 children and her husband.  When we entered their house, they were doing a bunch of different stuff and they all decided to sit down and listen.  As we taught and watched the video, many things changed.  The teenager named J..., changed from bored to very very interested, hanging on to every word of the video, or what we said. The man of the house, also J..., payed a LOT of attention.  At the end, he said, "You have brought something different here. You should pass by more often..."
And the wife just looked in shock at her baby,  teenager, and husband, as they calmed down and the spirit was felt:) 
As we were able to bear testimony of what He meant for us, the spirit bore a wonderful testimony of what we had said.
AND MANY OTHER EXPERIENCES.  But the point is this, like it says in the video... when He came, He CHANGED everything... and then  EVERYTHING changed.  That is what happened.  He changed everything many times this week, and THEN the people decided to change.
And that is when we come to the second part....
2. GENERAL CONFERENCE! As I am sure  you guys know, I enjoy the conference more than anything else for Easter and I loved being able to invite ANYBODY, AND EVERYBODY we could. It was crazy!  After the video, or explaining a lesson, we explained the importance of the servants of the Lord.  The people had a great desire to see what the Prophet was going to say this past Saturday and Sunday.
That is when THEY changed and I loved it!  Just because of time, only one example.  There is a couple, named M... and J.... They haven't been able to go to church for a long time and J... is an investigator.  But as we shared with them the opprotunity they would have, their eyes lit up!  They WANTED to CHANGE something.  On SATURDAY, they came:)  It was wonderful to see that the Spirit, and the Lord are the people who are ALWAYS working in this work.  It was great and we had a great week!
All in all, I loved the week!  I hope you guys did too!  I will write more next time! I promise!
Elder Goodman!

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