Monday, April 6, 2015


Well, we are SO SUPER EXCITED TO SHARE THE VIDEO, AND I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE TOO!  We have been working in the branch and in the district in Guzman in many ways, but I think the thing I love SO much about missionary work, is the fact that what I share is something everyone needs. 
We are talking about the Atonement!  About a sacrifice that has changed my life.  That has helped me become the person I am, and become more than I ever could become by myself. Now...I am not great, I know!  But I know I am much better off for my knowledge of Jesus Christ and the way we have been able to share it with others.  The joy I feel, the miracles  I see, are ALL because of the Atonement and are from my Savior, and THAT is what I have been excited to share!!!! 
So, this week we started....We have been talking to everyone, and the buzz is all around...."Elder Goodman is going crazy because another beautiful video came out and he wants to share it with everyone." But, it isn't crazy, it is joy.  That is what we have been doing.
We have an investigator, J.... His son died about a month ago from an accident, and him and his wife have had quite a hard time dealing with it....but, with this video, and with the message of the atonement, EVERYTHING CHANGED... (like the video says) everything. They are going to church,. They feel peace.  They are HAPPY.  It isn't something of this world, it is from our Heavenly Father!
Another example, B..., a less active member we have been visiting.  She has so many trials right now, I figure the ONLY way she wakes up in the morning is for the love of her little daughter.  But to realize that there is someone there, that there is HOPE ALWAYS, has helped her.  She has gone to church and has been able to partake of the sacrament, and to receive the strength, the boost, she needs to get through another week.
And lastly, the branch!  We have classes every last week of the month about preach my gospel.  The members came and we talked about how they understood the atonement, how they could share it with others.   Let me tell you, they left ON FIRE!  We are so excited, and the thing is, it can't just be me and my companion that are so excited:)  I believe, that as the people watch they feel that same wave of love, excitement, and readiness.  So, I will let you know more next week, but that is basically what is happening.  All of the mission Guadalajara is having spiritual experiences with this video, and they are HAPPY! 
I love you, but The Lord loves you more.  I can't compare with Him, and I am SO GRATEFUL for the knowledge I have that He loves me.  He has suffered what I have suffered and that there is always, ALWAYS a way to change through Him!  I love you! 
Have a great week!
hugs and kisses!
Elder Goodman!

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