Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Ok....lets see what I can do.
We were talking with quite a few members, who are ON FIRE!  They are doing wonderful and we are really seeing a lot of progress.  We have been focusing on self sufficiency and really, the people are doing great! 
First, We have L...  She is a recent convert who has been wonderful!  She is in charge of activites in the ward and she wanted to accompany us to visit an investigator we have named S... --S... family is having a problems and when L... heard about it, she wanted to help!  As she accompanied us she got really nervous because she had never done it before.  But when we entered S... home, and prayed, you could see her face just calm down and get excited:)  As we shared a message, the spirit came into the room and L..., started to share what she knew.  As she shared her testimony, of how things had changed for her, S... and her husband listened intently, sure that what the sister was saying was true.  L...then said she was SO happy.  She didn't know the people, didn't know how to preach the gospel, but the Holy Ghost helped her and she saw the difference in changing OTHER peoples lives:)
A similar thing happened with a another recent convert, P...  We were working with P..., and he decided to also accompany us.  As we were waiting for a bus, a lady passed by with some bags.  We asked her if we could help.  P... said,  "Don't we have to leave right now?"  
We said, "Don't worry, that we would help this lady and we would have time.  As we talked with the woman, she explained to us how her husband was in the hospital, and how she was having a little bit of difficulty with everything that was going on.  She was actually going to the house of her son to change spots...her son was going to go to the hospital.  As we talked, we asked her when we got to her house if we could share a small message of HOPE.  She said we could.  As we taught her whole family a small lesson, the spirit helped to teach everyone that there was ALWAYS hope, and ALWAYS someone that could help.  Tears came to her eyes and that is when P... came in-- He testified strongly of what had happened in his life, and that even though things weren't easy, his burden was lightnened by the Lord.
After visiting with this sister, P... came out and said, "Now I understand a little more how the missionary work goes--Just like for me, the Lord puts you where He wantes you!"
We were so happy for them!
And lastly , was a sister, H...!  She has had some strong problems these last weeks.  She has problems with her spine and is now confined to a wheelchair, but she was determined to go to church.  In a way, she brought 6 sons, daughters, and friends to church.  She cried when she told us, "I have prayed that they can have the peace I have, and today, they have felt it!" We felt so happy for her,  and that the Lord doesn't care how we are... He will ALWAYS help us to help His children return with Him.
These people were examples to me, and I loved this week:)  I am so happy about the joy we feel as we share the Gospel.  It changes live, and it changes my life every day!
I hope you guys have a great week!
Elder Goodman!
This is "la barranca" translation would be like a canyon, or is huge! It has been great!  Can you see us??

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